Why we should be grateful to be West Australian

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There are several reasons we are extremely lucky to be able to call ourselves West Australian. WA is home to such diverse landscapes; from Perth city, to the Kimberly to our beautiful coastline, our breathtaking terrain takes up one third of Australia.

Take a moment to appreciate some of the beauties that we should be grateful for in Western Australia.

1. Kings Park in Perth City

We should appreciate how spacious Perth is, on average WA homes are about 235.3 square meters large. Kings park is the largest inner-city park in the world, allowing us to step out and take in a big breath of fresh air. Whether you want to exercise by running up Jacobs ladder, learn about the 3,000 plant species native to Western Australia, find a secluded spot to enjoy a picnic, or indulge in a pastry from the Botanical Café, there is an activity for everyone to enjoy.



2. Sunsets at Cottesloe beach

We are fortunate that sun sets over the ocean in Western Australia, one of the most breathtaking and relaxing ways to end your day. Cottesloe is one of Perth’s prime locations to watch the sky put on a show. Venture out for a beach walk or take in the sunset from Canteen Pizza and enjoy the simple beauties life has to offer.



3. Wine from Margaret River

Margaret River houses award winning wineries only two and a half hours away from Perth. These wineries are not only known for their grape varietals, they are also known for their fresh produce, craft breweries and distilleries. If you don’t happen to be in Margaret River, you can still indulge in these goods, with products easily accessible across venues in Perth. Sit back, enjoy a marvellous glass of Cullen Wines and think about the bigger picture.



4. Cycling on Rottnest island

Located only 18 kilometres off the coast of Perth, you would think you were an entire world away. Appreciate the dazzling marine life at Little Salmon Bay and the 12,000 Quokkas exclusive to Rottnest or marvel at the nature reserve though the optimum mode of transport available to Rottnest, a bicycle. We have access to this slice of paradise at our fingertips, appreciate and absorb the moment.



Perth has consistently been highly ranked in the world’s most liveable cities, and we have the luxury of living it in right now. Recognise the importance of taking time out for your mental and physical well-being and appreciate the little things in life.

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